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Imagine you need a new website.
One which you can create and edit yourself...

Ripe Website Manager is an all-in-one content management system (CMS) and website hosting service. It is a web based application which enables anybody to create and manage a website with ease.
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What can Ripe do for you?

Ripe makes creating and maintaining your website easy - without the need and cost of a web designer every time you need to add or tweak content. You can post news articles to your site and let visitors join in with the discussions. It enables you to collect data from your visitors and monitor visitor stats. It also means you can easily add applications and web components to your website such as Ripe e-shop, Ripe events system, Ripe newsletter manager, Ripe media player and so much more...

Who can benefit from using Ripe?

Ripe Website Manager is extremely versatile and can power any type of website such as any of the following:

  • Personal, family blogs or website
  • Small business websites
  • Corporate brochure style mini sites
  • Online magazines, newspapers, and publications
  • E-commerce / online shops
  • Custom online applications
  • Non-profit and organizational Web sites
  • Community-based portals
  • School and church Web sites
  • Large corporate multi administrator websites

Technical features

Front-end Features:

SEO - Pages created with ripe have search engine friendly urls and very clean code which search engines really like.

Template System – Ripe uses a powerful template tag system. It’s possible to get Ripe to work with any website design. Build or tweak your own design or get us professionals to make something. Click HERE for example templates

Searching – Content is fully indexed and searchable at all times, using a keyword relevance scoring system.

Users and comments –Ripe allows the admin to allow visitor interaction with the website with the chance to leave comments on articles etc. Users could even post content if the admin wishes. User interaction is one of the key elements to say your website is part of web 2.0 which is a bit of a web fuss at the moment.

Administration and Analytics Features:

Simplicity - Ripe has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use.

Wysiwyg editor - An elegant, simple to use ‘what you see is what you get’ editor to edit content. It's just like using a word processor.

Form manager – Quickly make and manage web forms and get notified when someone has posted on your website.

User groups – Using Ripes user groups you can have multiple admins with different levels of administration access.

Members – Have members sign up for your website or just store member details for email news letters etc.

Web based – Means that the admin can be accessed from any computer at any time.

Stats – Ripe includes visitor stats. Get an overview of your visitors, where they came from and what pages they visit.

Modules – Modules can add any functionality to your CMS that you need and can be coded by anyone. Anything is possible with modules.

Performance and scalability:

Speed - Blistering front-end load times. Ripe averages load time in less than 0.02 seconds. This is achieved with lean, thoughtfully planned out code.

Modules – Ripe is easily extendible with the use of built in page types, page components, and template blocks. This is three different methods to customise how the final page will look or act.


Ultra tight security – A lot of PHP applications can be very unsecure if coded badly. Ripe has focused a great deal on the security. Form inputs are always validated to prevent SQL injection hacks. PHP includes take extra care that there will be zero chance of a cross site scripting hack. Encryption is used for sensitive data and when using any third party modules dangerous code is prevented to process.